Meet Advait

Just about to complete High school, my uncle handed his pocket digital camera. He asked me to shoot a religious ceremony. I was 16 that time. And, There it started. Like a Romeo fell in love with Sony’s Digital Juliet.

With easiness of digital sensor, there were no bounds in capturing images I wanted to. It is a pursuit of experiencing the excitement which often has unfolded mysteries of life. It happened once when I was capturing beautiful landscapes in outskirts of Mumbai.

As I remember, there it was. The Existence was eager to facilitate meeting! May below mentioned lines could be its accurate description.

“Where the eyes are merely channel,
The seeker seeks from within,
Among other; we find contentment out of,
This one, you cannot be satisfied with outer;

The utter calmness and awareness of the inner,
Remembering the Real, the only language of the universe;
Within which is all wealth, the rhythm of life,
The rest material world is only poor.”

It was such a Blissful split-second moment I cannot have simple words for description. It is the True Happiness, ever since it has showered upon me, it has become source of my Art.

Photography is my gateway to uncovering the extraordinary, enabling me to address my clients’ challenges through remarkable images. Each click of the shutter represents a new voyage, where I strive to capture the very essence of your brand, product, or brand story. Through my lens, you will witness a world of transformation, as the photographs we create will defy convention and hold a captivating beauty that inspires awe. Join me on this exhilarating journey as we navigate the complexities of your narrative, producing jaw-dropping visuals will surely leave a lasting impression. 

That’s me, Advait, An Ex-Accountant who is now The Visual Storytelling Photographer during his office time. Apart from this, you will find me cooking, reading books, writing poems, chilling on mountains and I’m always in hunt of good natural surroundings. With this sweet & small life, I’m Content!

1. Course in Commercial Art and Photography From Visual Education Academy
2. Course in Commercial Filmmaking from FullTime Filmmakers Academy


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